Saturday, May 17, 2014

Convert your Wordpress blog into Social Networking Website

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Hai blogie 's,

About Wordpress:

I think everyone knows about a blog.If not,the blog you are currently reading this post is developed in software. is a Content Management Software(CMS) i.e., we can create a blog and update posts. Today,Wordpress is the most popular content management software among  its competitors like Joomla,Drupal,blogger and Magento.

So,Nearly 20.9% of whole internet websites is made up of wordpress sites and they hold the market share of 59.8%. [Source].From the following data,Everybody can understand the power,importance of wordpress CMS software in Internet world. Wordpress is supported by a huge community of designers,developers,bloggers and web masters.

Transform into Social Networking site:

Yes,we can transform a wordpress CMS blog into Social Networking website by using a Stunning Plugin called " BUDDYPRESS " developed by the wordpress developers team.With the help of buddypress plugin,you can build a social networking site for your company, school, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress.

[Link 1]   [Link 2]

Buddypress plugin consists of 10 components like Extended Profiles,Account Settings,Friend Connections,Private Messaging,Activity Streams,Notifications,User Groups,Site Tracking,Community Members and buddypress core. In this 2 components buddypress core and Community members are must to run a buddypress social networking site. Forum Software doesn't comes with buddypress plugin.You can install forum also in your buddypress social networking site and blog with the bbpress plugin,forum plugin developed by the team.bbpress plugin integrates very easily with wordpress and buddypress sites.

Buddypress pros:

  • Fully customizable and editable profile fields for all members in the site.
  • Make connections with the other members and track eachother activities.
  • Activity Stream to Show NewsFeed from all members.
  • Private Messaging between members.
  • User Groups Creation for all members .
  • Works best in Wordpress multisite too :) .
  • Tons of Features :) At the Same time itz FREE :) . { It creates an edge among the competitors}.


  • Suitable for Small and Medium Niche Social networking sites.
  • Not EveryMuch Lively and interactively like other social networking scripts like PHPFox.
  • Not All Wordpress themes are very much compatible for buddypress social networking sites.


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