Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to Design a Logo for Your Business Website

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  •  To Start a new online business,the first thing that comes to my mind is the creation of effective logo design for the brand new business.
  • A Logo is an Icon for representing your business and getting a fast recognition in the internet world.
  • The first step you need to do is to make a proper research in the field of your blog niche logos.You must ensure that your brand logo is not similar to other brand businesses.Avoid copying the design of other brands as this can let your brand value down in the minds of your valued customers.

                               "Simple and Best design is preferable for Effective logo design"
  • Another factors to be considered in the logo design is the usage of fonts and color in logo.Color acts a crucial element in effective logo design.Usage of stunning color matters a lot in logos.Usage of more than two different typefaces fonts in logo should be avoided ,as this increases the readability of the logo design.
  • The most important factor in logo design is the flexibility of the logo as the designed logo must have the flexibility to be printed from small business cards to bigger multiplex screens.


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